Vehicle Mount for Tablets and Smart Devices

GPSLockbox® mounting systems make it simple to provide your school bus drivers with a complete communications solution, while also maintaining compliance with current distracted driving laws.

Secure Mounting

Sonim XP5s PTT

Universal Mounting

GPSLockbox® universal mounting system uses a modular design, allowing us to support a wide range of devices from your favorite manufacturers, while also enhancing safety for your drivers and passengers.

Fast and Secure Charging

GPSLockbox® mounts connect to the vehicle wiring harness via our Flex system. Our connectors use magnetic pins to ensure a stable, consistent connection and to prevent damage to the charging port.

Safety First

GPSLockbox® mountings all provide a safe push-to-talk (PTT) system, ensuring that your drivers can keep putting the safety of their passengers first, while still being able to communicate effectively.

Choose Your Device

We offer a large selection of universal mounting systems to support the wide range of devices from your favorite manufacturer.





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