School Bus Transportation Services Need To Meet High Safety Standards

Traditional LMR systems can no longer meet the increasing demands of the school bus industry.

A Better Solution Than LMR Systems

Though LMR systems may help drivers stay connected, they lack privacy, security, and range. But, GPSLockbox products have been built to overcome these difficulties.

The benefits of our Push-to-Talk solutions:

ATT EPTT, VZW PTT Plus, FirstNet, Kodiak/MOTO, ES Chat, Tango Tango, Orion, Zello, Team Connect, and more

20W Speaker

Amplified speaker to allow drivers to hear even in the noisiest environments.

DOT Compliant

Hardware that complies with ‘hands-free’ and distracted driving laws

Available For Handsets And Tablets

Our PTT solutions have been built for specific handsets and tablets that are easily deployable in your buses

Safety, Efficiency And Connectivity Guaranteed

Getting passengers to their destinations on time and safely is a big responsibility for drivers. GPSLockbox products help ensure optimal conditions for those purposes.


Your tablets must work smoothly, regardless of the weather conditions. The ATMOS cradle is a patented temperature regulation system that prevents overcooling and fast recovery for overheated tablets.

Magnetic Charging

Give drivers unhindered access to route guidance and dispatch through devices that can be charged quickly. Drivers don’t have to worry about being offline through the mounting system’s magnetic charging capabilities.

Flexible Mounting

It’s essential for bus drivers to keep their devices in easy access for timely communication and information, without distraction. Thus, GPSLockBox’s flexible mounting system allows devices to be set in place so drivers can comfortably refer to them as needed.

DOT Compliant

Hardware that complies with ‘hands-free’ and distracted driving laws to keep your drivers connected, but safe

Meet Demands of Parents and Administrators

Did you know that pupils are 70x more likely to get to their schools safely if they take a bus? However, that is only true when you have taken every measure possible to ensure that your drivers are connected to route guidance programs and the dispatch team.
rear view of schoolboy waving to happy bus driver while entering bus

Keep Your Bus And Devices Safe

Our GPSLockbox Flex mounting system has features that help ensure the investment you have put in your fleet’s wireless communication systems is protected.

Vibration Mitigation

Buses may need to travel down bumpy roads and rural routes. Our cases and cradles have been designed to ensure that excessive movement and vibration do not affect your device.

Wiring Harness

You can only protect your hardware if you supply power to it from a dependable source. Our tablet mounting kit includes a NAC-approved power system to wire the tablet directly to the fuse box protecting the bus and your devices.

Shock-Proof Cases

Accidents happen. Our cases are made using TPU overmold, the best solution to protect tablets from getting damaged even if dropped from a bus. This is especially needed when using a device for pre and post trip inspections

Ensure That Your Fleet Follows All Protocols

We guarantee that all safety protocols are followed, your investment is protected, and that drivers are within reach at all times.

Always In Range

Your drivers no longer have to face connectivity issues that can put them and their passengers at risk. GPSLockbox products enable them to get students to school in time, ensuring that parents and teachers are satisfied.

School Bus Fleet

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