Mounting to keep your team and devices connected, communicating, and secure on and off duty.

While you keep our communities safe, we keep your devices safe and your communications constant.

Why Choose GPSLockbox?

With GPSLockbox, you get a range of rugged device and tablet mounting products designed to keep your vehicles and teams communicating, charged, and ready in and out of the vehicles. Stay in control of important information and data in cab and on the go without compromising the safety and security of your devices and team when emergencies arise.

Features that set GPSLockbox products apart:

Your team needs a mounting solution to keep your devices in place and working whether you are on city streets or on rural routes. The GPSLockbox helps emergency responders keep their devices safely in their line of sight as they tend to matters of life and death.

Here are all the reasons why this is an excellent (or obvious) choice for your fleet:

Handsfree Compliant

We ensure that our mounts are built under the compliance and handsfree requirements set by the DOT. These regulations are in place to ensure safety and visibility while driving.

Free flow Communication

Communication is vital to keep track of your drivers. Therefore, we enable hands-free communication compliant with the Department of Transportation.

Professional Installation

We want to save time for you and your organization. Therefore, our team of professional technicians ensures that the installation process is quick and seamless. We have worked with many state and local entities nationwide.

3 Year Warranty

GPSLockbox offers complete manufacturer defect coverage for three years with advance replacement.

Optimizing First Responder Routes Isn’t Easy Without Technology

Time and efficiency are the hallmarks of successful first emergency responders. But the following issues with their ELD tablets during an emergency can drastically affect their performance:

Charging Issues

It’s challenging to charge devices while on the move.

Unstable Drive

Potholes, speedbumps, and unpaved roads cause the tablet to get loose from the harness or even fall.


PTT devices often have weak speakers, leading to miscommunication issues that can be deadly.

Safe Working Environment

First responders often drive at high speeds and keep their eyes on their phones to find the quickest route.

Efficient Charging Capabilities

Our wiring harnesses have been NAC tested and approved. Charge for 90 minutes even after turning off the engine to preserve the device and vehicle battery.

Shock-Proof Mounting

No matter how rough the drive may be, you can ensure device safety with GPSLockbox. So no more worries about damaged devices or false logs.

Temperature Regulated Mounts

The US patented GPSLockbox ATMOS temperature-controlled mounts keep your devices operating in harsh weather conditions.

Quick Docking

Docking and undocking the device from the cradle can take precious time. However, the GPSLockbox has cradles that can be docked quickly without a hitch.

Amplified Speakers

GPSLockbox features a 20 watt amplified speaker system in our PTT systems to ensure that your first responders hear instructions clearly and do their jobs effectively.

A 3-Year Advance Replacement Warranty

Transportation fleets often work in unfavorable conditions, and due to that, their devices usually don’t survive very long. However, GPSLockbox offers a three-year advance replacement warranty, so they can continue to safely drive with their devices, and the work doesn’t stop.

Adopt Our Tried And Tested Solutions Today!

With years of experience in state and local governments, we ensure that your fleet of first responders will be safe and connected. Our products are built specifically for vehicles that need to be in constant contact without any complications on the road.