Ready-Mix Fleet Management Made Easier And More Accurate

Ready-Mix fleet management requires accurate reports at each stage of the delivery cycle. Moreover, real-time job status and automatic vehicle location is needed so drivers can easily get the job done and be navigated accordingly.

Stay Connected No Matter How Bumpy The Ride

Ready-mix trucks are notorious for driving down the roughest roads and uneven terrains. That is inevitable as their jobs require that. However, that can make devices vibrate and hard to stay in place, causing false events to be logged on your ELD software or prevent a device from charging.

How our products can help your drivers avoid issues:

Never Lose Charge

Ensure your devices are always on, using our magnetic charging feature. This way, you can rely on your device before, during, and after the pour.

Minimal Vibration

Our cradle and case are specifically designed for fleets that need to venture from the highway to the site and allow the devices to work well.


GPSLockbox Flex II case is made from TPU overmold that absorbs the worst shocks, ensuring the safety of your device even if it is dropped.

Easy And Secure Device Docking

Your device stays securely docked. But the in and out process offers easy access to your device for when you need to document anything before, during, and after the job is done.

Clearer Communications, Faster Operations

Ready-Mix drivers need rugged and strong communications solutions because their environments, such as concrete plants, uneven roads, and construction sites, require that. In addition, the drivers need to deal with loud and constant background noise, extreme temperature changes, and more. Thus, they need products that can allow them to do their jobs and do them well.

Convert Your Tablet

Even though tablets allow for better coverage, they can be troublesome to use when on the road. With our Push-To-Talk service, your tablet can offer connectivity at the push of a button, and everything is displayed in an organized and straightforward manner.

Clear Speakers

Ready-mix drivers need to communicate with dispatchers amid a lot of background noise. Our 20W amplified speakers let you clearly understand instructions, and the DOT compliant corded palm-mic allows you to communicate without interference.

No Overheating Or Cooling

Ready-mix truck drivers often work in extreme conditions. Therefore, they must ensure their devices do not stop functioning due to overheating or cooling. ATMOS technology allows you to prevent overcooling and fast recovery in case of overheating.

Efficiency Guaranteed

Operations no longer need to be slowed down, and electronic logging doesn’t need to be complicated for ready mix truckers. Our products guarantee efficiency like never before.