World’s First Temperature Regulated Device Mount For Transporation

Don’t let harsh climate affect your fleet. GPSLockbox provides multiple device and tablet mounting products designed to keep your truck operations moving. Our intuitive design allows for efficient device management, ensuring minimal downtime.

Why Choose GPSLockbox?

Your ELD tablets and devices are crucial to your workflow. Don’t let weather and road conditions derail you. Our products are tested to provide results across various industries, with a proven track record of unparalleled safety and convenience.

Features that set GPSLockbox products apart:

Wiring Harness

NAC tested and approved – provides 90 minutes of charging after ignition is off to preserve the device and vehicle battery.

Magnetic Charging

High-powered magnets and pogo pins ensure a secure connection.

Push-To-Talk Capabilities

20W amplified speaker and a DOT-compliant corded palm-mic.

3-Year Warranty

Complete coverage for manufacturer defects.

Connection And Protection = Preparation

It’s important to always be prepared. And, we can help you do that. Our products are all you need for all your ventures, to stay safe, connected, and protected. GPSLockbox products are durable to withstand rigorous use and designed to provide unprecedented safety and convenience to the driver.

Ensure Compliance

Our case and cradles are designed to comply with ELD regulations.  With vertical and horizontal tablet support, it optimizes cabin space perfectly.

Freeflow Communications

Cross-fleet communication is essential to keep drivers connected. GPSLockbox enables hands-free DOT compliant communication – compatible with all leading Push-to-Talk providers.

Professional Installation

Our expert installation team offers quick installation for all our products and technology. As a result, we can equip your fleet with the equipment it needs in no time!

Temperature Management

Your tablets must work smoothly, regardless of the weather conditions. The ATMOS cradle is a patented temperature regulation system that prevents overcooling and fast recovery for overheated tablets regardless of driving conditions.

Flexible Placement

Truck drivers can easily access their tablets without any disruption using our cradle. It allows for horizontal and vertical tablet placements so the driver may use it in an optimal position.

Spring-Loaded Cradle

When carrying a device as big as a tablet, the cradle needs to be strong enough to carry the weight securely as the truck drives over rough roads. Our mounts are heavy-duty, spring-loaded, and built sturdily to hold the tablet in place.

A 3-Year Advance Replacement Warranty

Transportation fleets often work in unfavorable conditions, and due to that, their devices usually don’t survive very long. However, GPSLockbox offers a three-year advance replacement warranty, so they can continue to safely drive with their devices, and the work doesn’t stop.

Foolproof Device Security

Our cradles and cases employ advanced design iterations to ensure your device remains safe and sound.

Optimal Protection

Our cases offer drop protection and are designed to hold the tablets firmly. For everything else, we offer a three-year warranty for manufacturing defects.

Vibration Mitigation

Unpaved and off-road assignments can lead to false events in your ELD log. Our robust spring-loaded cradle holds the device firm over speed bumps, potholes, or rural routes.

Additional Lock

Our products come equipped with locks to provide that extra stability when your vehicle is vibrating intensely.

PTT (Push to Talk) Over Cellular?

Looking for your drivers to stay instantly connected?  Both the Flex and Atmos can be equipped with GPSLockbox’s PTT capabilities – keeping your drivers distraction-free!

Adopt Our Tried And Tested Solutions Today!

You can stay safe and connected, no matter where you are. We have years of experience in owner-operator fleets as well as large national carriers.

We’re Here To Help!

We offer services that can help you quickly install our hardware along with the technology you need for your vehicles.

We want you to get the most out of your investments and will ensure to go over and beyond so that you can reap all the benefits our products provide.