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Brown Integrated Logistics Case Study

How Brown Integrated Logistics partnered with GPSLockbox to cost-effectively maximize the efficiency and long-term capability of the tablet and mounting solution in their trucking fleet.

With 725 trucks using installed tablets, Brown Integrated Logistics recognized the limitations of their current mounting setup and sought a long-term, cost-effective solution that could easily evolve in the future to maximize their team’s ability to provide a first-class delivery experience to their customers.

Challenges and Objectives

Brown Integrated LogisticsDue to their age and memory capacity, the current tablets could no longer be updated with new applications nor could they adequately run their current critical applications, including payroll information and digital bill of lading. In addition, the mobile device management offered limited tablet-level control for their drivers, and POD paperwork processing fell short of their stated goal of 1 to 2 days.

However, outdated tablets weren’t the only issue. The mounting solution did little to address the hands-on needs of drivers. With early morning deliveries, the current tablet mount did not offer a light to help expedite paperwork completion. Plus, a weak charge point caused the tablets to stop charging when traveling rough or rural routes and the case design blocked air from circulating around the device causing them to overheat and shut down completely. The mounting solution design also decreased the maintenance and tech teams’ efficiency. In order to service the tablets, the maintenance and tech departments needed a special drill bit on hand for the 8-10 small customized screws, which tended to easily strip. In some cases, the team spent more time removing a tablet than servicing one.

When time came to make a change, Brown sought a long-term and cost-effective solution to address the current limitations of the tablet and mounting solution in their fleet while also strategically building for the future to best use resources, including time, effort, and capital expenditures.

How GPSLockbox Helped

Our goal was to keep Brown on the road and connected with a tablet and mounting solution that could evolve as technology and their business needs did. We started by listening, asking questions, and identifying long-term, cost-effective and efficient solutions. Here was our solution.

Keep devices charged and connected with a magnetic connection built into the case. Our magnetic connection in our cases and mounts ensures that the devices stay connected and charged regardless of the terrain or location.

Maintain ideal device temperature with a case intentionally designed to maximize airflow. Our cases contain built-in rails allowing the tablet to float and air to abundantly circulate around the device. This prevents overheating and keeps the tablets operational at all times.

Provide a lighting solution for filling out paperwork. Based on Brown’s expressed needs, we designed and manufactured a flashlight for them that is now an option for select Flex II cases.  The custom-built flashlight offers the needed visibility required for pre-and post-vehicle inspections and greatly improves the picture quality of necessary paperwork regardless of the time of day.

Increase maintenance and tech efficiency by allowing easy access to the tablet. Rather than depend on nearly a dozen specialized screws, our cases are designed with two standard screws to easily slide the tablet in and out, while also keeping it secure. This allows their maintenance and tech team to easily deploy the tablets as well as make it hassle-free to maintain the tablets moving forward.

Maximize current technology capabilities with a new tablet. With the new tablet and expanded memory, Brown was able to implement our mounting solution as well as effectively run their payroll software and process bill of lading paperwork immediately, speeding up account receivable time from weeks to days.

Offer a cost-effective mounting solution intentionally built to accommodate future tablets. Our Flex II cradle and case system gives Brown the flexibility to change their case and still use the existing mount and wiring. Some of our existing clients have been through 3+ tablet upgrade cycles, using their existing cradle mounts. This eliminates the need to completely change the mount with each new tablet cycle, making this a cost-effective and future-proof investment. Plus, it reduces waste and supports Brown’s sustainability efforts.


The partnership between Brown and GPSLockbox resulted in the peace of mind knowing that they found a future-proof solution that effectively addressed the needs of their drivers, their organization, and their customers. Brown’s fleet now offers the best technology to complete jobs well and on time while delighting customers with a first-class service experience–all while supporting Brown’s vision of utilizing technology in ways that will optimize efficiencies, so their customers’ dollars go further.