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All the features of our previous charging system with some new features and flexibility!

So, here’s the scenario:

It’s a cold winter morning, with maybe a little snow and ice on the ground. A couple of your drivers are running late, and it’s the usual start-of-shift chaos as people chug coffee, scramble to check paperwork, confirm job details, and gather their gear.

Everybody’s in a rush to get out the door and get to work.

Then, over the normal clamor and commotion, you start hearing desperate voices, asking:

“Has anyone seen the #4 tablet?”
“Hey, my radio isn’t charged! Did someone unplug it?
“What type of plug does this thing use?”
“How did this screen get cracked?!?”

The phones are ringing, customers are waiting, and people are depending on your team…you don’t have time for this!

What you need is one convenient way to keep all of your tech and devices in one place.

Have your devices where you can be sure that they’re protected, secure and all charged up, without a bunch of snarled cables running to who knows which power outlet.  Something that’s simple and fast and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

What you need is a device charging station that does its job, so you can do yours.

Charge up to 10 devices simultaneously using just one A/C power source, with input power of 5V/3A (up to 5V/0.9A from PC).

The universal charging dock can be used to charge any 10 devices at one time, and each charging bay slides in and out of the dock, leaving ports that are also compatible with our previous styles of chargers.

Charging bays can be used in the docking unit, or separately wherever you need them.

With a space-saving, compact design docking unit measure just 7”W x 22”L x 2”H, and is lightweight for frequent travel or rapid field deployment and quick setup

LED lights gives you a visual of each unit’s power status, so you’ll always know which devices are good to go, and each charging bay has 2 USB-A ports.

The 10-Bay Universal Device Charging Dock is international-ready with a 110-240V AC modular power configuration and optional EURO, UK, & AUS plugs.

It also supports USB-C, Lightning, and Magnetic 4pin adapter cable options for each bay, which are available separately.

Universal 10-Bay Product Images

Each unit includes:

  • 1 universal charging dock
  • 5 two device universal charging units
  • AC power plug
  • User Guide
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Can include 10 Short USB-A charging cables to:
    • USB-C
    • Lightning
    • Magnetic 4pin

At GPSLockbox, we help fleets like yours travel smart, secure, and stay in contact, by offering unparalleled quality and first‑class customer support. This is why we remain the most trusted name in device charging, commercial-grade tablet cases, and vehicle docking solutions.

Our products are on the road right now, helping drivers for some of the biggest names in business stay safe and connected in industries like:

GPSLockbox can help your business stay on the road and connected! If you have product questions, need fleet or volume pricing, or are ready to place an order

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