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Flood Brothers Disposal & Recycling Services, located in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, provides superior residential and commercial trash and recycling services for industrial facilities, office complexes, high-rises, residential curbside, multifamily units, as well as construction and remodeling dumpsters and dumpster rental.

It makes dispatch much easier and efficient, especially when you’re dispatching for so many drivers. I can just hit one button and the information automatically goes to the tablets. So, our productivity has seen a huge improvement with these devices.

Tom FloodFlood Brothers Disposal & Recycling Services

Serving the City of Chicago and over 200 communities in the Chicagoland area, they offer the personalized attention typical of a successful family-owned business.

For 5 generations, the Flood family has been committed to providing superior waste management services for area homes and businesses, becoming the first licensed special waste hauler for the Chicago community in 1990.

Working hard to offer the best disposal and recycling services to every customer, every day, Flood Brothers prides itself on providing a personal touch, 25 hours a day.

With more than 85 years of experience, and an A+ BBB rating & accreditation, they offer their customers the latest technology in waste removal and recycling, with maximum efficiency, and a focus on environmentally-friendly policies and practices.

What elevates Flood Brothers is their commitment to service. Courteous drivers and helpful office staff go the extra mile to accommodate any disposal needs their clients may have, large or small.

Flood Brothers places great importance on the process of recycling, believing that its key to conserving natural resources, and sustaining our environment, as well as reducing the need for landfilling and incineration.

Their recycling efforts also save energy and help to reduce air pollution.

Along with a commercial fleet of 200 waste disposal trucks, Flood Brothers also operates two 18,000-sq/ft state-of-the-art recycling facilities.

With more than 200 recycling employees, they’re actively exploring cutting-edge technologies like vermicomposting.

As part of their focus on using technology to improve their services, Flood Brothers Disposal & Recycling Services has been partnering with GPSLockbox for more than six years.

Tom Flood, manager of Flood Brothers, states, “GPSLockbox products have significantly streamlined our communication process with our drivers, as well as instant group communications. This hardware allows drivers to safely adhere to hands-free driving laws while staying in contact with the office and each other.

GPS products have also improved our efficiency, as our drivers no longer need to pull over and park to use their communication devices.”

Flood Brothers pairs GPSLockbox products with TeamConnect, a leading PTT (push to talk) over LTE/Cellular solution.

According to TeamConnect’s Executive Vice President, David Gottlieb, “With GPSLockbox we can offer our customers world-class push-to-talk services leveraging their tablet investments. This allows them to replace multiple “boxes” with an all-in-one solution encompassing data and PTT in one device.

The team at Flood Brothers and GPSLockbox are always a pleasure to work with and show the power of collaboration in today’s ever-changing technical environment.”

Flood Brothers uses our Eclipse PTT And FlexII Kit for their Samsung Tab A S4 8.4 tablets.

Each kit includes a 4″ mounting post and hardwire kit, as well as an optional 20-watt speaker, magnetic charging, and a two-way radio-style palm mic.  They also use the ATMOS Flex II Cradle Kit for Samsung’s TAB A  8.4, with TeamConnect PTT (Push-to-Talk).

Flood Brothers Disposal has outfitted 60 of their trucks with tablet mounts, temperature-controlled cases, and PPT kits so far, with the goal of updating all 200 vehicles.

“It’s really a great hybrid solution to have the tablet and push the talk out of one configuration rather than two different sets of equipment,” says Tom.

As part of their commitment to a healthier environment, Flood Brother is also trying to make their business paperless.  By incorporating the mounted tablets, they no longer have to print things like daily schedules, special or updated instructions, or work orders.

GPSLockbox provides the only mounting hardware that can keep Flood Brother’s tablets operating on the coldest Chicago nights, and the hottest summer days. This ensures that their drivers can take advantage of additional tablet features as well, like navigation apps, HOS, and have access to EPTT services at all times.

Our family built this company by providing great service at fair prices. We don’t spend our money on fancy gimmicks or advertising, but invest in the very best technology to let us work smarter,” says Tom. "We specialize in creating customized service plans that match our core beliefs, so we can all pitch in toward a cleaner tomorrow.

Tom FloodFlood Brothers Disposal & Recycling Services