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The annual State Fair, a large-scale event attracting thousands of visitors, faced significant communication challenges among its law enforcement and operational teams. The need for a robust, secure, and efficient communication system was critical for ensuring safety and coordination across the fairgrounds.

Challenge: With nearly 200 users, including law enforcement officers and key operational staff, the existing communication system was inadequate. Users experienced frequent disconnections, poor audio quality, and lacked the ability to share vital information such as location data, photos, and files securely and efficiently.

Solution: The organization decided to implement the Siyata SD7 device integrated with FirstNet’s Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) service. This solution provided a seamless push-to-talk experience, enabling users to communicate instantly with the press of a button. The FirstNet MCPTT service offered additional features such as:

  • Real-time location tracking to monitor the whereabouts of team members.
  • Dynamic talk group management for creating and adjusting communication groups on-the-fly.
  • Secure multimedia sharing capabilities for sending photos, files, and other important data over an encrypted platform.

Implementation: GPS Lockbox played a pivotal role in the implementation process. They assisted the customer by ordering the Siyata SD7 devices and ensured that all users were correctly provisioned on the FirstNet network. To add further value, GPS Lockbox provided these items at no-cost to the customer:

  • Remote speaker microphones for clear audio communication in noisy environments.
  • Privacy headsets to maintain confidential communications.
  • Charging bays to keep devices powered throughout the event.

Outcome: The integration of Siyata SD7 with FirstNet’s MCPTT transformed the communication landscape at the State Fair. Law enforcement and key contributors remained connected throughout the event, leading to:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency with reliable communication channels.
  • Improved safety due to the ability to respond swiftly to incidents with coordinated efforts.
  • Cost savings as GPS Lockbox offered essential accessories at minimal or no additional cost – while using a PTT solution that is cost effective in comparison to traditional LMR solutions.

Conclusion: The use of Siyata SD7 with FirstNet’s MCPTT, supported by GPS Lockbox’s services, proved to be a game-changer for the State Fair. It established a new standard for communication within large-scale events, ensuring that every team member could perform their duties effectively and safely.