Utilities That Keep Your Waste Management Fleet Operations Connected And Safe

No matter how high-tech their communications systems are, they will be ineffective if they are not correctly and effectively deployed. Moreover, in this technology-driven era, waste management fleets should leverage voice solutions that allow drivers to stay connected no matter the environment.

Unhindered Connectivity Guaranteed For Waste Transporters

Garbage truck drivers need to follow a strict schedule when transporting waste. Moreover, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s ELD rule requires commercial drivers to track their duty performances. Therefore, they need to ensure their ELD device is installed correctly.

How our products can help ensure your connectivity is never compromised:

Hands-Free Communication

We offer DOT-compliant solutions that pair with PTT Push to Talk so drivers can communicate safely and efficiently

Reliable ELD Log

Due to our cradle being vibration resistant, no false events will be logged on your ELD if you are driving on bumpy roads

Compatible With PPT Providers

Our products are compatible with pretty much all PPT providers, ensuring you can safely communicate on the road

Magnetic Charging

Our magnetic charging capability allows drivers to keep their devices fully charged so that they are always online and easy to reach

Ensure Devices Stay In Place And Safe

Drivers often come across rough terrains or unsafe areas when out on garbage runs. Unfortunately, this makes it hard to keep valuable wireless communications devices protected. However, with our products, you won’t need device insurance.

Convenient Hand-Strap

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports require drivers to inspect their trucks before and after each trip. GPSLockbox has added an elastic hand strap for easy carrying during difficult conditions so drivers can carry their device when venturing outside their vehicle.

Flexible Placement

Garbage truck drivers often do not have much space within their compartments. But they can easily access their tablet without any disruption using our cradle. It allows for horizontal and vertical tablet placements so the driver may use it in an optimal position.

Spring-Loaded Cradle

When carrying a device as big as a tablet, the cradle needs to be strong enough to carry the weight securely as the truck drives over rough roads. Our mounts are heavy-duty, spring-loaded, and built sturdily to hold the tablet in place.

A 3-Year Advance Replacement Warranty

Waste transporters often work in unfavorable conditions, and due to that, their devices usually don’t survive very long. However, GPSLockbox offers a three-year advance replacement warranty, so they can continue to safely drive with their devices, and the work doesn’t stop.

Efficiency Improved

Our GPSLockbox products allow countless ways for garbage truck drivers to do their jobs in the most efficient way.

Amplified Speakers

Fleet managers may need garbage truck drivers to change their directions or use another route. With GPSLockbox offering amplified speakers, drivers never misunderstand instructions ever again.

Quick Docking

When truck drivers need to conduct inspections, they can undock their devices from the mount quickly. So even though your tablet is secure in our cradle, you can undock it without a hitch when needed.

Direct Charging

We strive to make things easier for drivers. Our GPSLockbox tablet mounting kit includes a NAC-approved power system to allow the tablet to charge directly from the truck’s fuse box instead of unreliable lighter jacks.

PTT (Push to Talk) Over Cellular?

Looking for your drivers to stay instantly connected?  Both the Flex and Atmos can be equipped with GPSLockbox’s PTT capabilities – keeping your drivers distraction-free!

Allow Your Fleet To Work Uninhibited

Our products make it easier for garbage truck drivers to work methodically while remaining safe and following all protocols.

Keep In Communication

You will no longer have to lose contact with your waste transporters. Our products allow them always to be connected for effective ongoing communication so that work is done properly and on time.