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PowerBox Multi-Bay Charger

Our new PowerBox seamlessly connects with the magnetic charging port of a FlexII case for Samsung TAB E, TAB A 8.0/8.4, TAB A WIFI, and guarantees your fleet will always be charged and ready to go.

Create the ultimate charging station by daisy-chaining multiple PowerBox units together.

Product Features

Signature locking mechanism secures your tablet while you’re away. Features an elastic carry strap that makes it easy grip your device so you can safely move in and out of a vehicle.
GPSLockbox Jolt™
The patented GPSLockbox Jolt™ magnetic charging port protects your tablet and guarantees that your charging pins never loosen or disconnect.
Power System
Only product with a NAC-approved power system for wiring your tablet directly into your vehicle’s fuse box.
Designed to easily dock and un-dock for maximum mobile efficiency.
Expand the capabilities of any device by adding our integrated commercial-grade PTT kit.
Customize mount length and power-source to fit your needs.
3 Year Warranty (Advance replacements of parts during warranty period).
FMCSA Compliance
Our products meet or exceed the standards for Compliance, Safety, and Accountability.

Engineered With Our Customers In Mind

GPSLockbox sets the standard for industrial-strength tablet cases, docking vehicle mounts, and accessories. With a host of unique features including a magnetic charging system and locking mechanism, there is no better way to secure your company’s growing wireless investment.