World’s First Temperature Regulated Device Mount For Transporation

Don’t let harsh climate affect your fleet.

Why Choose GPSLockbox?

Your ELD tablets and devices are crucial to your workflow. Don’t let weather and road conditions derail you. Our products are tested to provide results across various industries, with a proven track record of unparalleled safety and convenience.

GPSLockbox provides multiple device and tablet mounting products designed to keep your truck operations moving. Our intuitive design allows for efficient device management, ensuring minimal downtime.

Features that set GPSLockbox Products Apart

Wiring Harness

NAC tested and approved – provides 90 min of charging after ignition is off to preserve the device and vehicle battery.

Magnetic Charging

High powered magnets and pogo pins ensure a secure connection.

Push to Talk Capabilties

20W amplified speaker and a DOT-compliant corded palm-mic.

3-Year Warranty

Complete coverage for manufacturer defects.

Sonim XP5s PTT

Universal Mounting

GPSLockbox® universal mounting system uses a modular design, allowing us to support a wide range of devices from your favorite manufacturers, while also enhancing safety for your drivers and passengers.

Fast and Secure Charging

GPSLockbox® mounts connect to the vehicle wiring harness via our Flex system. Our connectors use magnetic pins to ensure a stable, consistent connection and to prevent damage to the charging port.


Safety First

GPSLockbox® mountings all provide a safe push-to-talk (PTT) system, ensuring that your drivers can keep putting the safety of their passengers first, while still being able to communicate effectively.

Choose Your School Bus Device

We offer a large selection of universal mounting systems to support the wide range of devices from your favorite manufacturer.

Samsung Tablet
Sonim XP8
Sonim XP8 PTT
Sonim XP5s
Sonim XP3