Put the GPSLockbox PowerBox™ and 5-Bay Dock in charge of your fleet tablets and smartphones.


Seamlessly connect multiple tablets and smartphones with a magnetic charging port and guarantee your fleet will always be charged and ready to go. Create the ultimate charging station by daisy-chaining multiple units together.

5-Bay Smartphone Dock

Mixed Use Charging

No make or model uniformity among your fleet’s smartphones? No problem. Charge them all at once with the GPSLockbox 5-bay universal dock. The modular, mix-and-match design accommodates up to 5 individual charging units with easy slide-in insertion and removal.

Jack of All Charges
Multitasking between the work truck, office, and home? GPSLockbox’s 5-bay universal charging dock pulls double-duty. Use the included AC power supply at the office or stash a 12V bullet charger with barrel connector in your vehicle for on-the-go charging.
Barely There
The next-to-nothing footprint of the 5-bay universal charging dock may not take up much space, but it packs a lot of power in its compact, lightweight but tough shell. So even on your crowded desktop, you can make room.

PowerBox for Tablets

Cut the clutter with the PowerBox for Tablets

With a single A/C power source, GPSLockbox PowerBox eliminates the power cord menagerie corralling around your outlets so you get more charging, less tangles.

Connect the Watts
Daisy-chain your way out of multi-device charging challenges by linking up to five other PowerBox units for a total of 25 tablets—all from a single socket.
Trust the Magnets
You never have to worry whether your tablets are charging. Designed with our patented magnetic charging system, the connection is automatic, and no wear and tear hassles or port damage. Drop it in the slot and never look back.
Think Ahead
Brains and brawn? Yes, they do co-exist in our rugged PowerBox multi-bay charging station with its smart power supply that automatically maintains an optimal charge level and stops overcharging. It’s the total package.
Fast and Furious
No one has time for downtime, especially fleet managers. Go from 10 to 250—watts that is—of power, quickly. PowerBox charges with 10 watts per slot, up to 50 watts across all devices when fully loaded, and up to 250 total when 5 units are daisy chained.
Get the Hint
Tired of playing the guessing game on your battery’s juice level? Believe it nor not, the only way to check the battery status on some chargers is to turn the tablet on. GPSLockbox PowerBox’s color-LED indicators let you know immediately when your devices are fully charged.
Ready, Set, Go
We can simplify your life in three words: plug-and-play. The PowerBox multi-bay charging station comes fully pre-assembled and ready to go right out of the box—no computer science degree (or tools) required!