PTT Kit with Cooling Fan Cradle for the Sonim XP10


Simple to Install and Easy to Use. For Sonim XP10

GPSLockbox’s Push-To-Talk Cradle Kit with Cooling Fan provides an economical solution for commercial vehicles and drivers to maintain hands free compliance and communication with dispatch and direct connect groups. Simple to install and easy to use, we assemble our PTT Car kit complete with a featured cooling fan cradle, powerful 20-watt amplifier, loudspeaker, noise canceling palm microphone and 2.4Amp smart wiring harness. The high-performance cooling fan cradle, with convenient in-line on/off switch, helps to keep the phone working when in hot temperatures.  Just mount in a desired location and connect power so your drivers have one touch direct connect with dispatch. The standard kit comes with a 2.4Amp hardwire kit so the system can be connected directly to the vehicle’s electrical system.  As an added feature, the design allows for ignition-sense installations so that a device will charge up an additional 90 minutes after the vehicle’s ignition is turned off.  An industry-leading 3-Year Warranty with advance replacement tops off this powerful offering.

If you don’t see the configuration you need, contact us. We can configure systems to meet your specific needs.

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  • Connects to the phone via a special screw-down Secure Audio connector.
  • 20 Watt Amplified speaker so calls can be heard over vehicle noise.
  • Includes palm mic for simple one touch communication with dispatch and DC groups.
  • Separate volume control so drivers don’t have to adjust phone settings while driving.
  • 2.4A USB charger keeps phone charging whenever vehicle is running.
  • Driver can easily disconnect phone and use outside vehicle.
  • Built in fan for airflow that can be turned on or off by user
  • Pre-assembled / Plug and Play installation.



Weight 2.4lbs
Width 8.5"
Height 8"
Depth 4"

Additional information

Weight 3.4 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 4 in
Pedestal Length


Power Supply