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Every commercial truck driver will be required to comply with electronic logging mandate. If you were utilizing (AOBRD) automatic onboard recording device, fear not for The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has extended the compliance deadline. The compliance deadline for commercial drivers requiring ELDs will take place on December 16, 2019.


One device that was being utilized for logging hours when the FMCSA ruled all drivers to do so, was in fact the AOBRD. This was the main go-to in terms of ELD because it recorded data for drivers regarding electronic logging. Unfortunately, this device is not suit for tracking equipment nor transmitting data directly to the FMCSA.

Only reason drivers could utilize AOBRD for operations, is because AOBRD gave the ability to record data electronically. 30 to 75 percent of drivers are using AOBRDs as of now, according to JJ Keller and Freight Waves. This whole group will now be required by law to use ELD for monitoring their driving hours and non-working hours as of December 2019.

ELD Selection

Ensure you are starting the process of transitioning to ELD now if you are an owner or operator. You can begin with a checklist with FMCSA to ensure you choose an ELD that is compliant with the requirements to operate. FMCSA has guidelines that you need to follow when it comes to compliance. You will need a mounting device for ELDs. Make it visible and accessible the legal way.

Choosing the right Mounting Device

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