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Road vibrations lead to an almost certain disconnect with traditional pogo-pin charging systems. See why fleets are switching to GPSLockbox.


GPSLockbox’s industry-leading commercial-grade tablet and rugged smartphone cases and docking vehicle mounts solve a lot of pain points for fleet managers, truck drivers, IT managers, school bus drivers, and many more workforces. They keep devices operational in extreme temperatures with a temperature regulator. They keep devices from overcharging and overheating with an auto-shut-off. But the most common problem that clients experience—and the number one reason why they switch to GPSLockbox—is lost connections and dead batteries in their all-important devices. Road vibrations lead to an almost certain disconnect with traditional pogo-in charging systems. See why fleets are switching to GPSLockbox. 


Lost connectivity in fleet tracking and communication tablets and smartphones can result in lost time and revenue, loss of crucial communications, and loss of data transfers, which can result in HOS compliance violations. The intermittent connectivity or loss occurs from road vibrations when drivers hit potholes and other jostling motions.

The charging connection system that other device mounting manufacturers use is outdated pogo pin technology with a DC to battery connection that relies on friction and requires the pins to be perfectly aligned in order to charge. In addition, if the tablet falls into the pogo pins, they break that alignment, resulting in a loss of connectivity. Factor in the road vibrations, and it’s an almost certain disconnect. Unfortunately, drivers don’t know the device has stopped charging until they try to use it.


What’s different about the GPSLockbox charging system? It’s fully magnetic, which is the most effective way to keep your tablets powered.

The patented GPSLockbox Jolt™ charging system uses a revolutionary 4 spring-loaded pogo pin technology and magnetic attachment mechanism that relies on magnets, not friction to maintain a connection. Jolt features a loosely-coupled charging interconnect which allows greater spatial freedom between coils, unlike the tightly-coupled charging approach the competition uses. Jolts magnets automatically position themselves for the best connection. And the cable snaps directly into place so you don’t get the wear and tear on your devices. With GPSLockbox, clients get peace of mind knowing their devices are always charged.

The second reason clients love GPSLockbox is because of their exceptional customer support. Much of the innovative ideas behind GPSLockbox’s products come directly from customer input. And not because customers are complaining, but because GPSLockbox is listening. They know the wireless and telematics industry; they know the growing pains and challenges those industries experience when it comes to technology. Solving one customer’s problem is an opportunity to solve all their customer’s problems.



When drivers, suppliers, site managers, and customers need to be instantly connected, they need easy, rugged, reliable, safe, and affordable communication devices. That’s why they switch to GPSLockbox. To learn more about the GPSLockbox Jolt or any of their other innovative products, visit us online or contact us today.