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At the forefront of fleet tracking and mobile mounting solutions since 2005, GPSLockbox® continues to set innovative standards for commercial-grade tablet cases and docking vehicle solutions, including push-to-talk kits. How do they do it? By listening to their customers.

With over 40 years of experience in the wireless and telematics industry, GPSLockbox goes out of its way to solve problems by learning what their customers’ pain points are so they can bring unparalleled build quality and first-class customer support to the next generation of drivers. Listening is how and why they designed these industry game-changing solutions.

Problem 1: Lost connectivity

Lost connectivity of fleet tracking and communication devices can result in lost time and revenue, not to mention HOS compliance violations for ELDs with connectivity issues.

Magnetic Charger

Solution: Develop a reliable magnetic connection solution.

GPSLockbox developed the industry’s first magnetic charging system that, unlike the traditional male/female connectors of our competition, won’t disconnect from road vibration, preventing your tablets and other devices from losing power while the vehicle is moving. This unique charging system uses any USB power source, and the magnetic cable snaps directly into place so it does not put any wear and tear on your tablet.  

 Problem 2: Overcharging

Overcharging a device causes overheating which can damage the lithium battery and reduce its life cycle.

Solution: Develop an auto shut-off charger

GPSLockbox solved the overcharging issue by designing a patent-pending NAC-approved wiring harness that monitors the battery charge of the device and automatically stops the charging cycle when the battery reaches 100%. Even with the ignition off, the charger will bring the battery to 100% and automatically shut-off after 90 minutes. The direct-to-fuse wiring harness bypasses the less-reliable cigarette lighter jack.

GPSLockbox Atmos

Problem 3: Temperature changes interfere with device performance

Extreme temperatures can decrease battery life when it’s cold or cause devices to stop functioning altogether if they are exposed to too much heat.

Solution: Develop a temperature-regulated cradle

GPSLockbox’s Atmos cradle is the world’s first temperature regulation system for vehicle-mounted devices that ensures they work even outside of normal environmental conditions. Your drivers can leave their tablets or smart devices in the vehicle all night or day and Atmos will quickly restore it to operating temperatures. That’s not the only problem Atmos solves. Read our blog post 7 Reasons Fleet Managers Can Rely on ATMOS Cradles for their Mobile Technology Solutions to learn more.

GPSLockbox sets the standard for industrial-strength cases and docking vehicle mount solutions because of this guiding principle: technology should make your life easier, not more complicated. When drivers, suppliers, site managers, and customers need to be instantly connected, they need easy, rugged, reliable, safe, and affordable communication devices. We’ve listened and proven we’re up to the challenge!

To learn more about our innovative products, including the ATMOS cradle, visit us online at