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GPSLockbox understands how important it is for fleet managers and their drivers to be able to depend on their ELD devices to get the job done—efficiently, safely, and in compliance.

The best cradles, cases, and mounting hardware combine ruggedness, flexibility and state-of-the-art features that integrate seamlessly with the most popular tablets and smartphones used by fleets today and play an essential role in your ELD and workforce solutions. These industrial strength cases and docking vehicle mounts are designed to support the latest devices, a variety of vehicles, diverse industries, and always-evolving telematics and communications applications.

As a fleet manager, you probably already know what you do and don’t want in a vehicle mounting solution:

  • Don’t want technology upgrades to hold you up.
  • Don’t want to deal with bare tablets in severe climates.
  • Do want to be able to leave your device in the truck and know it’s safe.
  • Do want to be able to take the device with you easily.
  • Do want to know your device will stay charged.

If you checked each one of these off your list, GPSLockbox’s patented ATMOS® cradle may be what you are looking for.

Here are 7 reasons fleet managers can rely on Atmos as a part of their mobile technology solution.

  1. Temperature Regulated. If your fleets operate in harsh climates, you know that temperature changes can interfere with the performance of ELD devices. Atmos is the world’s first temperature regulation system designed specifically for vehicle-mounted tablets to make sure your devices work even outside of normal environmental conditions. Drivers can leave their tablets in their vehicles all night during cold temperatures without worrying whether their device will turn on. And for devices used in hot climates, they can recover from overheating up to eight times faster with the Atmos.
  2. Technology. The Atmos cradle is based on the same groundbreaking design as the standard Flex cradle, making it an easy addition for fleets already using the GPSLockbox Flex system.
  3. Secure. You’ve made an investment in your ELD devices, and your cradles and mounting systems should help protect them from theft. The case for the Atmos comes with our signature locking mechanism option for added security when your driver is away from the vehicle.
  4. Portable. Portability is a must, and that’s why Atmos is designed to easily dock and undock and comes with an elastic hand strap on the back of the case so your driver can easily disconnect the tablet and use it outside of the vehicle.
  5. Patented Magnetic Charging System. The unique magnetic charging system, unlike friction-based connectors, ensures a firm connection that won’t be jostled loose from vibration while driving. It can be used with any USB power source and is designed to prevent the tablet from losing power while the vehicle is moving or vibrating. The magnetic cable snaps directly into place so it doesn’t put any wear and tear on your tablet.
  6. Works for any Industry. No matter the industry, downtime is expensive, especially if you operate in severe climates. Atmos quickly restores your tablet to operating temperatures whether you manage school buses, city transportation, freights, water, charter services, or concrete fleets, and keeps your drivers up and running.
  7. Push-to-Talk. Atmos is available with a PTT  configuration which allows you to easily transform your tablet into a long-range 2-way radio. Our PTT kits for Android tablets or smartphone devices eliminate the need and expense for two devices in the cab, keeping drivers compliant, safe, and clutter-free.

With two features that no other docking or mounting manufacturer has—a magnetic charging system and a temperature controller—Atmos is one of the most unique, rugged, and reliable mobile technology solutions on the market. To learn more, visit our website or give us a call at 844-GPS-LOCK.