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Do you need to outfit your fleet with tablet cases for your semi-trucks or are you looking for rugged industrial smartphone cases for your heavy-duty trucks? With fast-changing technologies and new devices hitting the market almost daily, it’s easy to find yourself overloaded by all the choices out there.  

When it comes to purchasing transportation industry device mounts to keep your communications investments protected and fully operational, one-size-fits-all doesn’t cut it. That’s why we’ve created our online Product Finder Tool to help you filter through the options and find the right industrial tablet cases or mounts for your specific needs.

The Product Finder is easy to use as it walks you through a quick survey. Let’s take a look at how it works:

Step 1. Select your device.

The obvious place to start, let us know what type of device you have. GPSLockbox works closely with major wireless carriers and phone manufacturers to bring you compatibility with all your favorite devices, including mounting kits for Samsung Tablets, Sonim smartphones and Push-to-Talk, and Kyocera smart and flip phones.

Step 2. Will this be mounted in a vehicle?

That brings us to the mounting options. Many phones and tablets have gone from personal devices to mandatory ELDs for transportation fleets and other workforce drivers, requiring them to be mounted in fixed positions in the cab. Does your application call for vehicle-mounted or hand-held operation? Select Yes or No in this step. No matter the level of functionality, compliance, and portability you need, GPSLockbox has rugged, dependable mounting transportation solutions.

Step 3. Do you need Push-to-Talk?

Push-to-Talk (PTT) kits for smartphones or tablets turn your devices into two-way radios which makes it easy to keep your drivers in communication, safe, and in-compliance with ELD and distracted driving laws. We offer a complete line of industrial-strength cases and vehicle mounts for semi-trucks with PTT to help you manage your devices. Our GPSLockbox™ Classic Series comes equipped with a powerful amplifier and speaker system as well as an ergonomic potato mic.  

Step 4. Do you need an integrated temperature controller?

That’s not a question you get asked from other mobile mounting manufacturers—because no other manufacturer has the Atmos. Atmos is the world’s first temperature regulation system designed specifically for vehicle-mounted tablets to make sure your devices work even outside of normal environmental conditions. If your fleets operate in harsh climates, you know that temperature changes can interfere with the performance of ELD devices. Drivers can leave their tablets in their vehicles all night during cold temperatures without worrying whether their device will turn on. And for devices used in hot climates, they can recover from overheating up to eight times faster with the Atmos. 

Once you’ve selected your temperature controller option, just hit NEXT and that’s it! The tool returns the best industrial tablet cases and tablet holders for heavy-duty trucks and semi-trucks that fit your specific requirements.

Let us help make shopping for your mounting solutions easier. Try the Help Me Find My Product tool today.