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Flex System

When drivers need to be able to communicate and stay compliant at the same time, they can’t afford the headaches and hassles of inefficient, unreliable mobile mounting systems. GPSLockbox Flex cradles can help solve your pain points. Whether it’s lost connections, security issues, or compliance, we design our tablet cases and docking vehicle mounts with fleets in mind. Here are 8 unique features of the GPSLockbox Flex System:

Wiring Harness.
When your drivers depend on power, the GPSLockbox Flex system supplies it. We’re the only tablet mounting kit that includes an NAC-approved power system for wiring your tablet directly into your vehicle’s fuse box, bypassing less-reliable cigarette lighter jacks.

Magnetic Charging System.
Unlike friction-based connectors, The Flex System uses our patented GPSLockbox Jolt™ magnetic charging system that prevents your devices from losing power while your vehicles are in motion. The magnetic cable snaps directly into place so it doesn’t put any wear and tear on your tablet so you can be assured when it’s docked, it’s charging.

Quick Docking.
When your drivers need to take their tablets with them outside of the vehicle, they can mobilize swiftly. The GPSLockbox Flex System’s spring-loaded cradle is a cinch to dock, undock, and re-dock whenever.

Secure Locking.
Leave expensive devices in the vehicle unattended? Yes, you can. GPSLockbox Flex System’s secure locking mechanism protects your communications investments when your driver is away from the vehicle.

Easy Carry Hand Strap.
Reduce the risks of drops and slips when you and your device are on the go. GPSLockbox Flex System features an elastic carry strap that makes it easy to keep a good grip on your device when out of the vehicle.

Push-to-Talk Capable.
Stay hands-free compliant, without the need to carry two devices, with the GPSLockbox Flex System. With six optional add-ons, turn your tablet into a push-to-talk device.

Flexible Mounting.
Install and mount your GPSLock Flex System in less than 5 minutes with our suction-cup dash mount option or choose to bolt it in for extra security. If you already have mounting hardware, no problem. The Flex System already has industry-standard AMPS hole patterns.

FMCSA Compliant.
Avoid fines and keep your drivers safe with our federally compliant GPSLockbox Flex System. We partner with all three major wireless carriers to provide comprehensive ELD mandate compliance as a solution.

GPSLockbox Flex System is loaded with features that no other docking and mounting manufacturer has. Not to mention, it’s one of the most rugged and reliable solution on the market.

To learn more about the Flex System, visit our website or give us a call at 844-GPS-LOCK.