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Tired of bumps in the road, vibrations, and other jostling motions causing your ELDs and tablets to lose their connection and their charge? How about a jolt that won’t leave your communication devices unplugged?

An unplugged and uncharged electronic logging device can result in a loss of data transfer and an FMCSA fine, or loss of crucial communications between dispatch and fleets when you need it most.

The GPSLockbox™ Jolt charging system is the most effective way to keep your tablet powered while on-the-go so your drivers can stay in charge. And, Jolt comes built-in to all our Flex cases and cradles. protected!

What’s different about Jolt? We’re glad you asked! Here are 3 great reasons that Jolt can take away some of the pain points that fleets experience with tablet connectivity.

Power of Attraction
The durability of Jolt’s 4 spring-loaded pogo pins and magnetic attachment mechanism provides a reliable connection even in the bumpiest and severe conditions. Competing charging systems rely on friction, not magnets to maintain their connection. Friction-dependent connectors often bind or work themselves loose during movement and vibration.  

Conscious Coupling
Jolt products feature a loosely-coupled charging interconnect which allows greater spatial freedom between the coils, instead of a tightly-coupled charging approach where the tablet has to be in exact alignment in order for it to begin charging. Jolt’s magnets automatically position the connectors to an ideal position each time for the best connection. The magnetic cable snaps directly into place so it doesn’t put any wear and tear on your tablet.

Landscape Orientation
Whether your drivers are focused on dispatch software, route navigation, looking up the weather, or trying to find a place to stop, they can view two apps side-by-side using their split-screen software in landscape view. Only GPSLockbox offers a landscape mounting solution for your tablets. Our docking vehicle mounts allow drivers to maneuver from vertical to a horizontal position for superior flexibility when they need to multitask on their tablets.

GPSLockbox has been at the forefront of the wireless and telematics industry for more than 40 years, and we are still leading the way with innovative solutions that are inspired by drivers and fleet and safety managers, like our Jolt charging system that keeps you driving forward!

To learn more about our Jolt products, including Flex cases and cradles, visit us online at